Monday, 3 May 2010


iRepair Installation

We provide installation services for everyone from home users to enterprise and education users.

For home users we are able to install and configure their Mac to work with their home network and give them some training on the basics of the system. This is a particularly valued service by new Mac users who may have limited or no experience with OS X.

Small to medium sized businesses often find that the time saved by having us install their hardware and software for them pays for itself many times over. Our experience enables us to smooth the transition to new systems, helps users adjust to new workflows and in general gets new installations up and running in the shortest time possible.

For customers who we have provided consultancy services for installation is a natural addition to our expert advice and planning. We can provide the consultancy, the hardware and software, we can then install the systems and finally supply after-sales support and training. In effect our clients can tell us what their requirements are and we can then provide the tailored solution; supplied, installed and supported.

This “full service” approach is a key differentiator from many consultancies who don’t provide sales, or from many resellers who have only basic consultancy and support offerings.

For enterprise and education users our options for installation include systems tailored towards the type of large deployments more commonly found in these larger organisations. These may include setting up NetBoot servers to automate the installation of tens or hundreds of Macs with ease, or in alternative imaging systems that can rapidly deploy entire departments, such as USB sticks pre-configured to allow Macs to be quickly and automatically installed and configured from the USB stick itself. Finally we can also supply Macs directly to site pre-installed with an agreed company image.

Our installation services are most effective when coupled with our consultancy and support services for more information or a quote please contact our sales team on:

(0191) 232 5638

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